Evaluate your Medical Practice, Improve your Flow, Clean up your Billing and Coding

That can often increase your revenue by 10-30+%.

  1. Evaluation of your practice financials. Determining your average per minute revenue to break even. Evaluating the mix of patients you see and their per-minute revenue.
  2. Evaluation of your practice operations and flow. We work with your office manager and determine ways to improve the flow.
    • Optimizing the amount of time you spend with each type of patient.
    • Optimizing the amount of time you spend doing administrative work.
    • Always billing the right codes.
    • Charting on time and correctly - improves productivity and dramatically reduces your liability.
  3. Training and implementing changes.
  4. Ongoing evaluation of your practice and ongoing improvements.

The initial evaluation of your practice financials and your flow will take several hours. We will spend some time talking (via zoom, phone, email) to you, and most of the time talking with your practice manager. We will then present you with an evaluation of your practice in terms of financials and flow. Very often there are very obvious "the roof is leaking" type loose ends that need to be fixed first. Fixing those (and literally doing nothing else) can often increase your income by 10+%.

After fixing the obvious loose ends, we will work with you and your practice manager by gradually implementing improvements to your flow and to your mix of patients. We prefer to do it at a slow-and-steady rate, as trying to implement too many changes all at once usually does not work as well. We will initially work several hours per week with your practice. We will then gradually scale back our involvement to several hours per month. By then we will train your practice manager and will empower her/him to run the practice in a more optimized and efficient way.


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