MD Income Typical Work Process.

We will start with initial complimentary zoom consultation.

If you hire us, we usually start working with your practice about 5 hours a week. That allows us to spend a couple of hours a week working with your PM, and 30 or so minutes a week with MD.

The first week will usually be the the initial evaluation of your practice financials and your flow. We will then present you with an evaluation of your practice in terms of financials and flow. Very often there are very obvious issues that need to be fixed first. Fixing those (and literally doing nothing else) can often increase your income by 10+%.

We will then continue to work with your practice manager by gradually implementing improvements to your flow and to your mix of patients. We prefer to do it at a slow-and-steady pace (about 5 hours per week), as trying to implement too many changes all at once usually does not work as well.


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