About MD Income

MD Income is run by two seasoned healthcare operations professionals with combined 40+ years of Medical Operations experience, and with degrees in economics and healthcare administration. We worked and supervised literally every aspect of medical operations - from being MA and Receptionist, to purchasing, building out, and staffing medical facilities.

We become your part-time COO, with some aspects of accountant, CFO, CIO, lawyer, marketer. We also take an almost agent-like role helping you negotiate the terms of your new potential job, or evaluate/renegotiate your existing contract.

MDs time is best spent seeing (ideally the highest-paying) patients. We like to think that we can handle ongoing operational improvements aspects of your practice more efficiently (in absolute terms as well as in per-minute cost) vs an MD doing these tasks on top of practicing medicine.

As we train your practice manager to implement the best practices, our ongoing involvement can decrease to only several hours per month. That is enough time to make sure that the practice manager is doing an excellent job at operations, and to discuss/implement any ongoing incremental changes/improvements.


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