MD Contract Negotiations

MD Income is in a very unique position to have an "insider" understanding of all issues related to MD salary and contracts.

We will help you evaluate and potentially renegotiate your current contract or your new potential job contract.

We will evaluate your contract - salary, formulas used, percentage of revenue, costs allocations, other factors. We will also evaluate your current workplace - the mix of patients you are getting, how busy you are, company owners and practice manager issues, company culture, future career growth, etc...

You will then be much better equipped to decide on your future with your current employment. You will also be much better equipped to enable changes to your contract, as well as changes to your flow and mix of your patients.

The same process will apply to contracts being offered by new potential employers. We will help you evaluate/renegotiate salary, formulas used, percentages of revenue, costs allocations, other factors such as mix of patients you will be getting, job satisfaction issues, potential conflicts with other MDs and management, career growth prospects.

Why MD Income is Important along with your Attorney

A good way to look at your contract (employment, relationship with another MD, surgery center, etc...) is as a range from something exceedingly advantageous to you, to something exceedingly advantageous to the other party. We help you understand where in that range your current or potential contract is. We can then suggest potential changes to your contract to make it more advantageous to you in the future.

If the contract is/was initially offered by another party, then the good rule of thumb is that it is probably advantageous to the other party.

Our services will benefit both seasoned specialists as well as brand new medical school graduates.


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